Saturday, September 12, 2009

tiny dancer


Emily and I went to our first dance class today. I think its going to take her a bit to warm up to the idea but she really liked watching the girls in the class after hers warm up.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

little girl

I'd been feeling some serious guilt over not putting Emily in Mommy and me like I did with Elijah but did not want to join Gymboree knowing that Elijah stopped going at about her age. Then I found a local dance studio that does a Mommy and me class for her age. She sent me some information about the program and it seems cute and low stress. These are pictures of our trip to Revele dancewear to get our sheos and leotard. The ladies there were super nice and helpful. I wish I'd taken pictures of her trying on leotards. Emily would have prefered a fancy one but we went with plain black short sleeve though she may get the one with the little pink bows for her birthday. She has been asking to wear her ballet sheos around the house.