Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just haven't felt like blogging lately.

Hey everyone, all is well here I just haven't had a topic in mind or felt like coming here and making something up. That said its not like nothing is going on so here are some rapid fire updates.

Elijah is done with swim team for the summer. He did well though hitting a growth spurt that started a more awkward then usual phase in the middle of the summer did not help. He did get 3 personal bests at his last swim meet.

Emily is talking up a storm. Any concerns I had festering about her language. Not helped by a certain fist time mom who I could never be friends with saying she didn't talk much are over. She talks constantly now picking up several new words a day.

Neil went to Linux Symposium leaving me here with my mom and the kids for an entire week including 2 swim meets. We did ok though. I was just exhausted when he got back. I think it took me a week to recover.

I joined Weight Watchers and am down 15 lbs so far. Its going well and I'm working on this whole life style change thing. Too bad I really need too loose anther 40 or so lbs.

I'm still sewing though haven't been doing as much lately. Mostly I've been buying fabric bc Elijah wants me to make some cool boy stuff for fall and I had no cool boy fabric. This should be a fun challange though. I also plan on making some stuff for myself as I will need some things that fit better if things keep going well. Oh and you better believe I will be making bunches of stuff for Emily. I think part of my slump is that both my kids have summer clothes and really won't need fall/winter for a while.

Well there are the highlights. Hopefully I'll have some new projects to post soon. I'm almost done with several things.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

Happy forth of July everyone. Emily said her first understandable sentence today. She babbles a lot so we know that she is trying to say other things but this one came out clear. So what wonderful thing did baby girl say "Don't want that" really that is what she picked. She is also stringing words together but her current fav combo is "bubble off"referring to the swim bubble at the Y.