Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

We've had a good Christmas here. Everyone is enjoying their gifts and for the most part being kind to one and other. I have a yucky cold but aside from that all is quite well.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

matchy matchy

I ordered camo "bugger monster" fabric earlier this year showed it to Elijah and he promptly informed me that he hated it and preferred his shirt from last year. Fine, I made his best friend Mitch a shirt out of it for Christmas. Then when I showed the shirt to Elijah he wanted it. Thankfully I had enough to make him on as well so they could be twins. Emily wanted to play too so she wore her "bugger dress" from last year that almost matches but not quite.

I got myself several Jalie patterns from a co op a few months back. I really like them bc they have great directions and are nicer styles then I've found lots of places. The other neat thing is they are on one sheet from a toddler size 2 to a women's 22. Thankfully we do not need the full range there but I bought 2 yards of fabric for myself only to realize that I only take 1.5 yards these days so that left just enough to make a shirt for Emily as well. Neil doesn't love hers bc it makes her look grown up. He's right it is a more adult style but she loves it and I think she looks adorable.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elijah's Big Day

Today was a full day for us at least up till about 3pm when we suddenly had nothing much to do. Elijah and Emily got to go to a group dance class at their studio where Elijah got to preform and both got to watch some of the older kids. He was a little nervous in the pictures but opened up and had a good time by the end. Emily's class did not preform but she watched and then had her regular lesion after so no pictures of her this time. Then after lunch the Y had its mock meet for Elijah's swim team. He did well at this also.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Emily's Waldorf Doll

This is Emily's big Christmas pressent this year. She loves looking at the "babies" on the dancing raindolls sight so I decided she needed one. The doll was a lot of fun to make so I may be making some more this spring. The bed was not fun to make and I doubt I will be doing that again.

Friday, December 4, 2009


On Wednesday it rained all day and most of the night. On Thursday it was beautiful except for the huge mud creek in our backyard.

Friday, November 27, 2009


These are for Christmas morning but I decided to go ahead and post a picture since they are finished. I found the Simpson's Christmas fabric at an after Christmas sale last year.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Elijah's Art

Last week I went through the drawer of Elijah's art projects from pretty much birth to present and took pictures of most of it for a photo book. I saved a bit of it but not a whole lot. Here are some of the favorites.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is PInk the New Black?

Emily found this shirt hanging in her closet and fell in love with it bc it is pink and has a horsie on it. The shirt is a hand me down from Beca as are the boots. The first time she wore the shirt she wore it with jeans but I decided if it was going to become a favorite it needed a cute little skirt to go with it. My first thought was cord pleated skirt but I would have had to buy fabric. Then I remembered seeing a tutorial actually several tutorials for this style and realized that I had black fabric that I bought this summer for a project that never got started and hot pink crinoline that attacked me from the sale bin at some point. It was quite easy to make and she squealed when she saw it though I must say I can't tell if its the outfit or the haircut but I'm not sure I like how grown up she looks.

Here is the tute

Friday, November 20, 2009

Letters to Santa

Angela did this on her blog and I decided to do it on mine as well. As we all know too well Christmas is coming and we all have huge piles of stuff in our house that we don't really use so I'm going to put some Christmas wish lists up. Honestly our family is very blessed and we don't need anything but for those who we do exchange gifts with I'd so much rather you know what we want.

Baby accessories: She has a baby and is getting a waldorf doll so she doesn't need dolls but 12 to 14 in doll clothes, carriers, and such she would love. I think we will get her a doll bed and stroller unless someone just wants to get her that.

Cooking stuff: I've made play food but she loves the stuff and I do not love making it. She likes to play in her little kitchen so anything for that would be loved.

Groovy girl stuff: We got one for Birthday and love her. She's getting a groovy bed but would love more clothes or accessories.
She so does not need clothes.

Art stuff: She likes all this stuff

Leapster games: he found the leapster but really needs some older kid games.
Cool art kits: I'm going to get him some more basic supplies but he gets a kick out of all those kit things like the 3d color wounder one.
Wii games
Anything Super Mario brothers
Elijah is starting to ourgrow is size 8 clothes. he wears a 10 slim but probably wouldn't be excited by clothes.
Toy's for creative play.

Me. I think I'm easy I have an amazon wish list, I love almost all sewing books, patterns, and supplies. I'd espically like the Martha Pullen heirloom sewing for children book. 2 yard cuts of a fabric you think I would have fun with or a knit you think I would look good in would be great. I also really enjoy magazine subscriptions and itunes gift cards. I'll share too that I do not like candles. I have two kids who are always into everything and I will not use them.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Really Great Pictures

After way to many bad experiences at various photo places around the area and one awesome setting with a well established photographer I decided there had to be a middle ground and turned to craigs list. There I found Kimberlee Edwards a very nice mom of 2 who is in the process of establishing her business that focuses on candid children's photography. The whole experience was wonderful and I love the pictures so if your local you really should consider her for your seasonal pictures this year. Here is her website and if you need more information let me know.