Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whats going on around here.

I know I know I need to get pictures uploaded but I haven't yet so I thought I'd just to a quick plain entry while Neil and Elijah are swimming and Emily is napping. Poor Emily is getting over a nasty cold/viral infection but thankfully just has a nasty cough now. She had blisters all over the inside of her mouth last weekend. Elijah is exploding with energy hence to trip to the pool. Oh and as for me I'm tired. I've been doing a lot of sewing or more getting projects put together bc my sewing board does a stash game next month where you are supposed to make things without going fabric shopping. In general I've been trying to destash lots of my sewing and crafting supplies lately simply by putting together projects with what I have and only buying what I need to finish a project. I should be tracing patterns at the moment but I'm enjoying my coffee too much so I may have to sit here and do some smocking instead. Oh well. I ramble. I'll post some new pictures soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Pictures

From the top we have Elijah modeling his new Scooby Doo pants. No not pj bottoms pants complete with pockets. See I got this great Oliver +S Sandbox pants pattern for Christmas and made them out of a gray and black super soft hounds tooth check fabric from my stash and he informed me that he hated them. Didn't like the fabric bc it didn't have pictures. Um OK son but most pants don't have pictures. Oh well I think he looks a little like we all did in the late 80's.

Next we have an outfit for Emily out of the Ottobre that I got for Christmas. I was super excited bc I saw this outfit in the magazine in blue with little white dots and remembered that I had this fabric from the Chez Ame sale. The zipper is a little off but it was much better then they usually are and I used my new walking foot for it and boy does that make working with knits easier. At least once we got it on right. For some reason the people at Kenmore don't believe in including directions with their products or even a good picture of what it should look like installed.

Lastly one more of Emily in the dress that Angela got her for Christmas with her fluffy that she insists on wearing whenever possible. We've worn it with most of our outfits including over a blanket sleeper. She's also started trying to walk more but I haven't gotten any pictures yet.

Chocolate Princess

I took more pictures but they didn't make it to flickr. I'll ask Neil what happened later.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I won I won I won!!!!

I won the Trader Joes free bag of groceries for bringing your reusable bags drawing. All the food in the above picture was in my bag and Emily and I got our picture taken. Super fun can't wait to try the new stuff and use the rest of it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Something new and something old.

When I had my second child everyone told me that I wouldn't take as many pictures of her as I did of Elijah. Donna told me that her mom had almost no baby pictures of her the 4th child. I of course vowed that I wouldn't do that. In some ways I have succeeded. We take her to get pictures regularly, Angela took pictures of her Birthday, and all the big events are well documented. However, I have not taken nearly as many day to day life pictures. With Elijah if he did something new I grabbed the camera. It was almost instinctive. I also ended up throwing away lots and lots of pictures while I scrap booked his early years. With Emily I notice she's doing something and think "Oh that's cute" but don't take pictures. So here she is putting the shapes into her shape blocks. These were Elijah's first but he doesn't do puzzles so I'm pretty sure he was too old for it to be cute by the time he was putting them together but she loves them.

As for something old I'm officially celebrating the return of my real non nursing bras today. Technically Emily still nurses at 5ish every morning but I realized yesterday amongst complaining about the way my poor boobs drooped in the nursing bras that there is really no longer a need to wear them as she takes a sippy all days. This means that today I wore a body by Victoria that actually hoists the girls up to well maybe not were God intended them to be but at least where he originally put them before my two children destroyed them.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Really Mommy Everyone Needs a Personal Seamstress

Here are pictures of two dresses I've made for Emily lately. The patterns are Feliz and Miss. Madeline but of which I really like and already have plans to make again. Emily has learned the word dress and yells dress dress dress every time she sees one. Amusingly enough in some of these pictures she looks like an anoyed teenager to me. I guess we're in trouble as the years go by but mostly she just dosen't like to sit still. Oh and the madeline pattern was created by the mama who's blog in thehandmadedress linked on the right if anyone needs to find it.

Today's accomplishments

Being a stay at home mom you have to measure your accomplishments and bit differently so here are today's big ones.
1) I got the linen closet organized so that everything fits nicely.
2) Finished washing and put away diapers.
3) Continued to do laundry as I've been washing everything that anyone who got sick touched.
4) Took two dresses to elegant stitches to get pleated and went to Walmart for another yard of scooby doo fabric.

Ugh and generally took care of the kids. Having a 14 month old help you do things just makes them take three times as long.

OK that was a bit of a wine but I'm done. I do love my life I'm just tired.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I can't feel my face

Don't worry though its just bc I got two teeth filled today and my dentist was a bit liberal with the Novocaine. I wasn't sure if I was totally numb after his first attempt so rather then giving it another minute he decided to give it a few more shots. Aside from that we are glad that life is getting back to normal here. We had a stomach bug after Christmas that spread to our visiting family so it wasn't exactly a relaxing holiday. This morning Elijah is back at school, Daddy is working in his office, and I've got chicken soup going in the crock pot for dinner. Emily is also starting to crawl some again. Between being sick and having company she had started using the demanding to be picked up and pointing method of moving around the house. Cute but annoying plus at 14 months she needs to be working on walking not just being carried.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things I don't want to forget.

One of the worst things about parenting to me is all the little things that I forget so quickly. The week after Christmas mostly sucked. We all got a nasty stomach bug but these are the things I really don't want to forget about this Christmas.

Emily woke us up at a little after 8. I think Elijah had been up for a while but didn't come get us bc it was raining outside so it seemed dark. When we came down stairs Emily looked at the presents under the tree and said Ohhhhhhh. Elijah ran over to his new bike. From the moment that Emily opened her pettiskirt she refused to take it off. All day if it was off she pointed and yelled dress dress dress. Both kids were frantic about opening things. Neil got me lots of sewing related stuff. So much so that its almost overwhelming but in a good way. I've already almost completed one project.