Monday, January 5, 2009

I can't feel my face

Don't worry though its just bc I got two teeth filled today and my dentist was a bit liberal with the Novocaine. I wasn't sure if I was totally numb after his first attempt so rather then giving it another minute he decided to give it a few more shots. Aside from that we are glad that life is getting back to normal here. We had a stomach bug after Christmas that spread to our visiting family so it wasn't exactly a relaxing holiday. This morning Elijah is back at school, Daddy is working in his office, and I've got chicken soup going in the crock pot for dinner. Emily is also starting to crawl some again. Between being sick and having company she had started using the demanding to be picked up and pointing method of moving around the house. Cute but annoying plus at 14 months she needs to be working on walking not just being carried.

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