Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things I don't want to forget.

One of the worst things about parenting to me is all the little things that I forget so quickly. The week after Christmas mostly sucked. We all got a nasty stomach bug but these are the things I really don't want to forget about this Christmas.

Emily woke us up at a little after 8. I think Elijah had been up for a while but didn't come get us bc it was raining outside so it seemed dark. When we came down stairs Emily looked at the presents under the tree and said Ohhhhhhh. Elijah ran over to his new bike. From the moment that Emily opened her pettiskirt she refused to take it off. All day if it was off she pointed and yelled dress dress dress. Both kids were frantic about opening things. Neil got me lots of sewing related stuff. So much so that its almost overwhelming but in a good way. I've already almost completed one project.

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