Friday, November 26, 2010

and that's what it came too

Emily's Thanksgiving art.

We had a great Thanksgiving. Had an early meal then went to see Tangled in 3d. It was really good and the first movie Emily has seen since she got her glasses. The day ended with the kids eating the last of the pumpkin pie straight from the plate you can't see it in the picture but he spent most of the time trying to elbow her out of the way.

Emily talking to Grandma. She took my phone and ran all over the house telling Grandma about everything.

Finally checking the Minnie dress for fit.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wish Lists

So I've been putting this off bc really we have all we need and Thanksgiving seems like an odd day to do it but oh well here goes just the same.

Elijah has a Hex but and Emily will be getting one from Santa so they would love the hex but habitat and tracks. They also enjoy playing Just Dance on the WI and would like Just Dance 2 or Just Dance Kids.

Elijah is also getting a DSI and would be thrilled with games for it. We've gotten Mario and Louigi and a Pokemon game but there are many out there just be a bit careful of the age. We prefer games rated E for everyone. In addition his friend Maddie is really into these things called Bayblades causing him to really want some. They look interesting I guess but we won't be getting him any bc I've already done my shopping.

Emily pretty much likes all things girly. She particularly likes My Little Pony's. She has the convertable set, the cooking one, and stuffed pinkie pie but would really like some of the others. She would also enjoy some taking care of your baby type stuff. I found a cute set with a bed, bath, and carseat that Santa will be bringing. She'd also like princess dress up stuff or dolls. Her current favorite princess is Ariel but I already ordered her the costume.

Neil seriously in some ways your guess is as good if not better then mine here. He does like warm socks a lot though. He also likes fancy coffee. He's a fan of funny cotton knit boxers as well and they have been surprisingly hard to find lately. Oh and soft flannel shirts think lumberjack/redneck flannel not Gap flannel.

Stephanie again I'll say I need nothing. Winter running gear would be nice I've ordered some but you know how I feel about laundry. I too like warm socks. I also like cardigan a lot lately as the weather here has been all over the place lately. Gift cards can be nice too specifically itunes, anthropology, or elegant stitches would be exciting.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well we certainly had a busy week or so though as you can see from the pictures the big news here is that Emily got glasses. She picked them her self, they are Lilly Pulitzer, and was quite insistant. Once she tried the ones she pick she wouldn't even try another pair. She is enjoying being able to see better and has become quite observant.

In other news Elijah is going t be the star student next month meaning his bio is featured on the bathroom door in his villa (trailer). So among other things we had to get a good head shot of him.

Emily had her last swim lesson on Saturday. She learned a lot though I wish we didn't always seem to end up with a kid or two who doesn't want to be there. After all they are 3 or 4 I do think learning to swim in manditory but not at that age.

Emily also had to get a splinter removed by the ped last week so by this Monday when I wanted to get her flu misted she through a royal fit. Apparently you she can only take so much and that was going too far.

Oh and last but not least Neil turned 36 on Sunday I do enjoy the time of year when he's 3 years older then me.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Leaf Destroyer

Emily stuck in the kitchen set at a friends house.

Both kids in their winter swim wear. Emily's is from a company called warm bellies.

Elijah with his very good friend Maddie.

Emily in her turkey outfit. She saw a similar one through the window at Pattywacks and there was no way I was spending that on something that she would wear 3 or 4 times so I made this instead.

Lots of playing outside. Its been beautiful here lately.

And the most important is Elijah pushing the leave destroyer.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 more

I'm behind again but here are the pictures from this past weekend and last week. I've got some from this week on the camera though truth be told I think I've missed a day or two. Oh well. I've still taken a lot of pictures this year so making the family Christmas books should be fun.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is Halloween

well Halloween and a whole lot more but the whole week I had that song from Nightmare Before Christmas stuck in my head.

Tuesday was dress snazzy day at Elijah's school and dress like a princess or something like that day for Emily at dance so she was Tinkerbell.

Wednesday we finally got Emily's new prescription filled. All I'm saying about that at the moment is stupid insurance company.

Thursday was trick or treat at Red Hat night. I took so many pictures but decided on the one of their candy for the moment.

Friday we went to Hillridge Farms. It was super crowded but also a lot of fun. Emily got to ride a pony named Daisy, we went on a hay ride, got our free pumpkins, saw bunnies and other animals, played in the hay, played in the corn fun house, went down the big slide, raced duckies, and panned for gems.

Saturday was Emily's first swim lesson. She was not scared at all and a little super star fishie.

Sunday was actual Halloween.

Monday swim team started and Emily learned to swim under water.