Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is Halloween

well Halloween and a whole lot more but the whole week I had that song from Nightmare Before Christmas stuck in my head.

Tuesday was dress snazzy day at Elijah's school and dress like a princess or something like that day for Emily at dance so she was Tinkerbell.

Wednesday we finally got Emily's new prescription filled. All I'm saying about that at the moment is stupid insurance company.

Thursday was trick or treat at Red Hat night. I took so many pictures but decided on the one of their candy for the moment.

Friday we went to Hillridge Farms. It was super crowded but also a lot of fun. Emily got to ride a pony named Daisy, we went on a hay ride, got our free pumpkins, saw bunnies and other animals, played in the hay, played in the corn fun house, went down the big slide, raced duckies, and panned for gems.

Saturday was Emily's first swim lesson. She was not scared at all and a little super star fishie.

Sunday was actual Halloween.

Monday swim team started and Emily learned to swim under water.

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