Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chez Ami Ohhhhhh Pretty

So those of you who knew me in college know that driving up to Capital Blvd is not exactly something I well do. So you may ask what could posses me to put both kids in the car and trek up that way to somewhere I'd never even been on a road I'd never heard of. Well it was the Chez Ami tent sale where once a month they open the warehouse store to the public and you can buy their clothes and fabric for pretty much a song. I actually made it all the way there and back without getting lost and honestly don't know why we aren't going more often. I got some beautiful fabric for between $2 and $5 per yard plus some adorable matching Christmas PJ's for the kids. Elijah says they are too girly and we'll have to talk but I really want one year of matching pj Christmas morning pictures before he gets too big. So fun fun fun blah blah blah if you wanna go with me some time I will definitely go again and yes the line was long.

here's the link to their site I saw clothes there from this years summer catalog

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well this kinda Sucks.

So I went to the Dr for my did we or didn't we get your left kidney stone x-ray feeling confident since my Dr thought that it should be no problem after the huge one broke up so well. Hmmm guess I'm special again. I still have a 5mm (down from 2cm) stone so back in two months to see how it looks. Either way I'm waiting a while to get it dealt with that is unless it fall apart and comes out on its own. It could still be fractured and come out in a few weeks. Straingly enough I just can't get that worked up about this. I figure I've been dealing with all of it for about 18 months now and now that I'm not pregnant its really not all that bad. It just well sucks.

Speaking of sucking Elijah had a miserable day at camp today. Turns out this little punk (yeah I'm not biased) picked at him constantly and would stop hitting him. Even poked him in the eye once. Elijah is just not good at dealing with these things. He doesn't like to be mean to people and he really has a hard time handling it when people are mean to him. Personally I wanted to tell him that as he's a head taller he should just push the kid as hard as he can. Fear not I didn't we practiced yelling stop it in our meanest loud voices. Knowing my luck he'll only end up using it on me though.

Let me also add that Emily is now eating only people food. She is so over baby food. While this is actually a good thing its making family meal planning considerably more challanging She has also stopped sleeping in her baby bag.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Emily and her Dotty. I was debating this little rag doll pattern when I showed her the picture and asked if she wanted and dolly. She screamed Dotty and the pattern was purchased. I actually have a plain one waiting to be stuffed (ran out of stuffing) but had to make this little punk one two. She has black and pink hair with a pink and black skulls dress, and pig tails. Emily now sleeps with her.
Matching dragon outfits. When I got them both dressed in these Elijah asked me where my dragon outfit was.
The second 4th of July outfit. I made one but it was way to big so the morning of the 4th I made this one. Its really just a little top and bloomers but Emily likes this style now that she's crawling.
Elijah at skate camp going ramp to ramp to ramp. What that means is going back and forth on the little ramp till the board stops. He has great follow threw though. He will not get off the board till it stops. Neil took him back today and he had fun.
Peaches, nana pudding, soup, and so on. Emily is eating lots of real food these days.

Stupid computer here's one picture

Elijah decided Emily was too heavy. She is all of 17lbs 13oz. They actually do really enjoy each other.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

These moments are fleeting

So most of you know I'm so one of those parents that really enjoys the growing up and discovering new stages in my children's lives. Especially since little newborn while cute are a total pain in the ass to care for. Those of you who have them right now yes these moments are wonderful, magical and all that jazz so don't leave me a nasty gram here all I'm saying is that time is so hard and as it gets easier in so many ways it also gets better but I digress. Both my kids seem to be on the cusp of great change. Elijah starts kindergarten in the fall and Emily is nearly a toddler.

So Elijah went to skateboarding camp this summer. Maybe I'm weird but I thought there was something so adorable about all these boys in full protective gear at the skate park. They looked like the kids I used to hang with I guess. Anyways when I would leave Elijah would stand their at the huge pull back door at the skate park waving and yelling bye bye Mommy at the top of his lungs and it nearly made me cry. Probably bc this was a camp for 5 to 12 year olds and the older kids were decidedly not yelling bye bye mommy or anything like that to their mommies.

He also has what I call big puppy syndrome at the moment. That is he is a big puppy at 48lbs with a 6 pack and nothing but sharp edges. but he wallows all over me like he's still a tiny thing. Just like those great danes that think they're lap dogs. Neil is constantly asking me where I got that bruise and I always say I've got not idea but probably Elijah.

Emily is also growing up quickly. She has just recently began to crawl well and pull up on things so now she wants to explore the house during most of her waking hours rather then be held by mommy. Thankfully she still loves to ride around in her wrap and her sling but if I sit she wants down. She gives hugs now and obviously understands lots of phrases. She will also be a toddler soon.

OK I promise I will post pictures soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Elijah's trip to the ER

Well it took 5 years and almost 4 months but Elijah has now had his first trip to the Emergency Room. We had friends over for the 4th and since the boys were feeling particularly wild we went walking over to the lake where as a side note their was a big gross dead turtle then to the playground. We started out all in the same area but then the boys drifted over to behind some other equipment where elijah likes to throw dirt clods and watch them break up. Not a problem we looked over every so often and all seemed well until we heard Elijah screaming. Neil and Donna went to check and see what was up thinking he had gotten his feelings hurt and I stayed with emily who was milling around on the ground till I saw them start running. When we got to Elijah he had blood running down the sides of his face and dripping onto his shorts, shoes, and the ground. Chick ran to get their car and I made neil take off his shirt to get him cleaned up enough to see what we were dealing with. If you've never seen a head laceration before let me tell you it was like the movie Carrie head just blead ALOT. Thankfully once we got a closer look it was a small cut. Turns out he and Mitch had switched to throwing things at each other and Mitch had found a larger rock. If you believe Elijah it was a rock bigger then me but I think thats a bit of a fish story. Anyways Neil carried him partway home then we put him in Chuck's car and went back to the house. Got home changed his shirt but not Neils (gotta love the emergency situation reasoning) Chuck went to rescue Mitch and Donna and we were off to Western Wake. By the time we got there it didn't look too bad and Elijah was talking up a storm to anyone who would listen. We watched some tv before they took us back cleaned it out and anounced that he would need staples. Ummm staples? Yes they like to use those on the littleones bc they don't have to give you a shot for those just jell. The process took a while but Elijah was a trooper. He really didn't even cry once the initial incident was over. In the end it took 5 staples which get put in with something that looks way to much like a staple gun and we were home by about 9pm. He had no signs of a concusion and will get his staples on on Monday. He couldn't got to the pool or the skate park for 10 days which I think was the hardest part for him but in a strange way its been good bc its forced us to have a calmer week. I was fine until that night when I tried to go to sleep and started thinking about how much worse it all could have been.