Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chez Ami Ohhhhhh Pretty

So those of you who knew me in college know that driving up to Capital Blvd is not exactly something I well do. So you may ask what could posses me to put both kids in the car and trek up that way to somewhere I'd never even been on a road I'd never heard of. Well it was the Chez Ami tent sale where once a month they open the warehouse store to the public and you can buy their clothes and fabric for pretty much a song. I actually made it all the way there and back without getting lost and honestly don't know why we aren't going more often. I got some beautiful fabric for between $2 and $5 per yard plus some adorable matching Christmas PJ's for the kids. Elijah says they are too girly and we'll have to talk but I really want one year of matching pj Christmas morning pictures before he gets too big. So fun fun fun blah blah blah if you wanna go with me some time I will definitely go again and yes the line was long.

here's the link to their site I saw clothes there from this years summer catalog

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