Saturday, July 19, 2008

These moments are fleeting

So most of you know I'm so one of those parents that really enjoys the growing up and discovering new stages in my children's lives. Especially since little newborn while cute are a total pain in the ass to care for. Those of you who have them right now yes these moments are wonderful, magical and all that jazz so don't leave me a nasty gram here all I'm saying is that time is so hard and as it gets easier in so many ways it also gets better but I digress. Both my kids seem to be on the cusp of great change. Elijah starts kindergarten in the fall and Emily is nearly a toddler.

So Elijah went to skateboarding camp this summer. Maybe I'm weird but I thought there was something so adorable about all these boys in full protective gear at the skate park. They looked like the kids I used to hang with I guess. Anyways when I would leave Elijah would stand their at the huge pull back door at the skate park waving and yelling bye bye Mommy at the top of his lungs and it nearly made me cry. Probably bc this was a camp for 5 to 12 year olds and the older kids were decidedly not yelling bye bye mommy or anything like that to their mommies.

He also has what I call big puppy syndrome at the moment. That is he is a big puppy at 48lbs with a 6 pack and nothing but sharp edges. but he wallows all over me like he's still a tiny thing. Just like those great danes that think they're lap dogs. Neil is constantly asking me where I got that bruise and I always say I've got not idea but probably Elijah.

Emily is also growing up quickly. She has just recently began to crawl well and pull up on things so now she wants to explore the house during most of her waking hours rather then be held by mommy. Thankfully she still loves to ride around in her wrap and her sling but if I sit she wants down. She gives hugs now and obviously understands lots of phrases. She will also be a toddler soon.

OK I promise I will post pictures soon.

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