Sunday, July 13, 2008

Elijah's trip to the ER

Well it took 5 years and almost 4 months but Elijah has now had his first trip to the Emergency Room. We had friends over for the 4th and since the boys were feeling particularly wild we went walking over to the lake where as a side note their was a big gross dead turtle then to the playground. We started out all in the same area but then the boys drifted over to behind some other equipment where elijah likes to throw dirt clods and watch them break up. Not a problem we looked over every so often and all seemed well until we heard Elijah screaming. Neil and Donna went to check and see what was up thinking he had gotten his feelings hurt and I stayed with emily who was milling around on the ground till I saw them start running. When we got to Elijah he had blood running down the sides of his face and dripping onto his shorts, shoes, and the ground. Chick ran to get their car and I made neil take off his shirt to get him cleaned up enough to see what we were dealing with. If you've never seen a head laceration before let me tell you it was like the movie Carrie head just blead ALOT. Thankfully once we got a closer look it was a small cut. Turns out he and Mitch had switched to throwing things at each other and Mitch had found a larger rock. If you believe Elijah it was a rock bigger then me but I think thats a bit of a fish story. Anyways Neil carried him partway home then we put him in Chuck's car and went back to the house. Got home changed his shirt but not Neils (gotta love the emergency situation reasoning) Chuck went to rescue Mitch and Donna and we were off to Western Wake. By the time we got there it didn't look too bad and Elijah was talking up a storm to anyone who would listen. We watched some tv before they took us back cleaned it out and anounced that he would need staples. Ummm staples? Yes they like to use those on the littleones bc they don't have to give you a shot for those just jell. The process took a while but Elijah was a trooper. He really didn't even cry once the initial incident was over. In the end it took 5 staples which get put in with something that looks way to much like a staple gun and we were home by about 9pm. He had no signs of a concusion and will get his staples on on Monday. He couldn't got to the pool or the skate park for 10 days which I think was the hardest part for him but in a strange way its been good bc its forced us to have a calmer week. I was fine until that night when I tried to go to sleep and started thinking about how much worse it all could have been.

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little dresses said...

WOW! That's one lucky kid going 5 years without a ER visit! I wish my kids would do that!!!