Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well I guess this all means summer is here.

Elijah is a Graduate. Well a preschool graduate that is but they wore caps and gowns and marched into whatever that song is. It was all really precious. They even sang songs so on a whole way more entertaining then most graduations. So I know your wondering "Did I cry?" umm no I thought about crying since this means preschool is over as I really wouldn't have minded another month or two. He has lots of camps coming but nothing much for a bit so its hard to say what our days will be like.

We went to the zoo with Angela, Steve, and Beca Sunday. Had a great time. Elijah and Beca really seem to enjoy one and other which is great since Angela and I have been friends for years. We are all zoo members so we got to walk right in while everyone else waited in line. It was also apparently random large animal sit up front day. We got to see elephants, water buffilo, and several other animals just sitting up in the front of their areas staring at us.

Hmmm what about Emily? She has discovered bubbles and getting her knees under her. Oh and she has a tooth. Well at least the start of a tooth. Oh and good little southern girl that she is we took her to the farmers market restaurant on Saturday and she tried grits and biscuits. She liked them both very much. Really though whats not to like about food drenched in butter?

Oh and last but not least the YMCA pool is back open. We all went Monday. I got nice and sunburned bc I forgot to put sunblock on myself. Elijah is thrilled by the water slide. Says its Awesome and is now wearing his yellow band always.

Friday, May 9, 2008

This and That/Random Crap

So I've probably got about a dozen decent blog entries with cool titles floating around in my head but alas if we wait for me to do that well it will never happen so here's a whole string of tiny ones.

1) Really you picked pea? So Emily is eating some baby food now. She cringed at applesauce and bananas, tolerated sweat potatoes but only mixed into cereal so we tried peas. You guessed it she loves them. Umm what ever freaky baby who wouldn't let me eat sugar for 8 out of 9 months. You have weird taste but maybe it will make you skinny.

2) What a Dorky name for something so great. So Neil and I took a parenting class at church all about being Emotion Coaches. Yes you read that right we are being emotion coaches. It really is a great concept though. Its all about trying to relate to you children's feelings and help them through it without a struggle. We even bought the book. Parents Children and Power struggles and guess what. It really works and helps everyone keep their cool. As an added bonus we have only had a few time outs and no dragging a screaming 5yo to his room.

3) I think the 30s have kicked in. Not in a bad way exactly but I've notices some disturbing things lately. Exhibit A is that I bought a Lands End scort from Sears recently and think it looks great on. The waist even comes up to my navel. Exhibit B are the shoes I bought today. They are supper comfy leather sandals similar to the ones my mom loves. Add to these that no one has made a strange comment about me having kids lately. Oh well I guess this will be a good decade even if I'm dressing more like an adult.

4) I swear we were outside as a family today and I felt like I was in a weird episode of The Wounder Years. Everything was normal except that Elijah was on a skateboard and not a bike. There was my husband loveingly running alongside his son on a skateboard.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My first smocking class

Well I have officially started smocking. I went to my first class tonight and had a good time. Of course there was little miss perfectly put together despite having a 5 month old with her mom and her aunt but I took some solice in the fact that the teacher kept having to take hers apart. Well that and that at the end she actually did seem nice . I guess I shouldn't be judgemental but really who has makeup on at night??? Last time I was made up was for Emily's Baptism. It turns out that smocking may be one of the many things that the same things that make one decent at math help with. I mean I'm sorry how hard is it to go 1/4 then 1/2 or to remember that the thread needs to be over or under the needle. I guess time will tell though.

I've also made myself a fabulous ring sling since I last posted. Oh and I saw the one I so badly wanted in person today was was totally unimpressed. Well that and I made one with a gathered shoulder out of silk of all things and it is beautiful. I'm not using it much till Saturday though bc we are getting family pictures taken and I don't want to ruin it between now and then.

The kiddies are both well. I'll do a bit about them another day.