Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My first smocking class

Well I have officially started smocking. I went to my first class tonight and had a good time. Of course there was little miss perfectly put together despite having a 5 month old with her mom and her aunt but I took some solice in the fact that the teacher kept having to take hers apart. Well that and that at the end she actually did seem nice . I guess I shouldn't be judgemental but really who has makeup on at night??? Last time I was made up was for Emily's Baptism. It turns out that smocking may be one of the many things that the same things that make one decent at math help with. I mean I'm sorry how hard is it to go 1/4 then 1/2 or to remember that the thread needs to be over or under the needle. I guess time will tell though.

I've also made myself a fabulous ring sling since I last posted. Oh and I saw the one I so badly wanted in person today was was totally unimpressed. Well that and I made one with a gathered shoulder out of silk of all things and it is beautiful. I'm not using it much till Saturday though bc we are getting family pictures taken and I don't want to ruin it between now and then.

The kiddies are both well. I'll do a bit about them another day.

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