Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yeah Elijah and I want I want I want

Seems that lately we are having days and days of feeling really busy without being able to say exactly what we did. Today comes with a touch of big news though. Elijah passed his yellowband test at the Y. He really could have done it last summer but doesn't like to swim without his goggles on which I totally get bc their pool is awful but that's the rule so there you go. Neil took he and Emily swimming today though and he passed the test. Wish I'd been there but oh well. He's super proud of himself.

Now as for me I seem to have an awful case of the I wants. I think its brought on by my making the decision that I really don't need anything and should be saving money combined with the knowledge that Emily is not going to be a little baby for much longer. So my current want is a prettier ring sling to take along for our family pictures. I'm working on my dream mei tai that is going to totally rock. Of course just as soon as I got the fabric the precious decided that she loves riding around in her ring sling or mama made pouch. Well that great but the sling is most comfortable to me but super ugly. I got it for Elijah and did the I'll take whatever in this size for the clearance price. Ummm its just ugly. Its this multi color Aztec like print. I want something I a khaki color linen to go with the whole look of our pictures. I don't know what I'll end up doing though bc I really don't need it but I WANT it. We'll see how this plays out. I'm also starting to feel a little self conscious about it bc on of my church friends has started commenting on how I always have a different baby carrier. She thinks they're all pretty I just feel like I have to justify having them and I don't quite know what to say. I mean I have several they weren't cheap but they could have been so much more expensive and Emily loves to be worn so she is on me so much of most days and I use them for different things. Plus they're all neat. Oh well back to searching fsot on thebabywearer.

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