Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME.

Actually it has been a really happy 31 for me though if you had told me this would be what I considered a good day at 17 or even 21 I would have cried. It started at about 6:30 when Emily decided it was time to wake up for good. I know poor me my baby woke me up at 6:30 but I had a headache and she usually sleeps past 8:00 so I was so not ready, but alas when a baby wants to get up there is not much you can do about it so up we got and down we came. Elijah didn't come along till almost 8 (my little teenager) then we got breakfast and ready for school. He wears a size 7 slim in pants now if you can believe it.

As we were getting out of the car his friend William pulled in up the hill bc his lil sis had to go potty so they got to walk in together and it was off to pick up a javachip light frap. I wounder how much the light really matters but Its my birthday .

I also went to powermoms. So I hurt and stink like sweat. Then Em and I walked to get E at school came back home and Elijah showed us how he no longer needs help getting candy off the fridg. How you ask. Well he mumbled something and I said OK whatever then turned around to see him standing on the counter. Like a good mom I took pictures and asked him to get me some too please. Remember that when your recommending me for mother of the year.

After our snack I managed to convince him that since its my Birthday and only since its my Birthday we could go to Lowes to get some flowers to plant. My spring fever has been pretty bad lately so that trip was inevitable. We got some pretty things though and were quite the site there at lowes pulling the wagon thing with Emily in her mai tai one arm out and Elijah carrying his blue pipe. Lets just say people stayed out of our way. When we got home I put emily on my back and planted so by the time Neil got home we were all covered in dirt tired and smelly but insisting that we had had a good day. Plus he had ice scream cake with him.

As for presents. Elijah picked me a bunch of dandelions on the way home. I'd love to be one of those moms who says that was the best gift ever but I'm not. It was cute and sweet and he handed each one to me like they were gold and I put them in water when we got home but we were walking along a busy street and he scared the crap out of me every time he darted over to get one. My parents sent me 4 (OK Neil technically 6) supper special cupcakes that are hidden in the fridge so Elijah can't find them. Its not his birthday its mine. The three of them together got me the DVD of Enchanted. It is supper fun and was Emily's first movie. All in all I have all that I want and a day with my kids really is better then a day at the spa. My big gift for the whole gambit of spring holidays are real prof photos of our family.

If we're being honest I've also spent all day debating getting myself one more baby carrier for my Birthday. I'm totally lusting over the ball baby overall mei tais but I don't really thing I can justify it. Not at full price at least and there are not prints I like on fsot right now. We'll have to see how strong I stay on this one.

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