Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Fun

Gotta love how blogger rearranges my photos. Here are some photos of us at the Got to Be NC festival and the pool. Elijah is excited to be on the summer poster. The festival was fun bc it was like a small scale not too crowded fare.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Recent Developments

We've been up to lots of this and that around here. Those days where you're not quite sure what you did but your exhausted by the end. Emily hits the ground running every morning and goes strong till nap time then again till bed. Can't complain though bc she lays down and goes right to sleep. She is determined to be with Elijah and doing what he does whenever possible including walking him to school which is great for me bc it means quiet coffee time for Mommy.

I also came up with a great plan to have the living room not always look like a natural disaster had just rolled through. We're paying Elijah 50 cents and evening to pick it up. He used most of his savings to buy himself the stuffed penguin. He's been more into stuffed things and imaginary play lately which I really like. I think it also gives him a great since of accomplishment to save money and get things for himself.

I'm still sewing up a storm. I've been participating in a stash game on sewing mamas where you get points for yardage used, notions, and other things. In general I like the idea but didn't realize this one was going to be a team competition so I'm feeling a bit of pressure to produce. This got me going on some mama sewing though since one advantage of being my size is that it takes a lot of fabric to cover me I've made some tops, 2 skirts, and the pants in the picture. I know its not a great picture but they fit well and have a real zipper fly.

Guess that's it for now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At the Park

When Elijah was little I took my camera almost everywhere just in case. I don't do that anymore. I did remember to grab it before we walked to the park this weekend though. As you can tell Emily thinks she's bigger then she is.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sewing for Myself

Hey, just a quick little update. I've been doing a lot of sewing for myself lately and while it is going well I don't really feel like posting pictures of myself at the moment. Well maybe I'll put up really little ones in a bit we'll see. I'm having a good time though and figuring some things out but put together my ability to look awful in a picture and Neil's skills as picture taker then add in a little doing it in a hurry and all the pics are pretty bad. This has been a fun new challenge though and one I plan to keep working on for a while.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swap Loot

My box from the newbie swap arrived yesterday. Couldn't have picked a better day as I was having one of those awful everything I touch turns to crap days. Elijah was thrilled as he got a chef's hat and apron. I was a little bumed as he had told me he wanted one and I'd already gotten the Mod Kid little chef pattern but Oh Well bet I know what Becca is getting for her Birthday now. He also took one of the rice lizards dubbed lizardy to bed with him. I also got some cute stuff for Emily. Unfortunately the cherry skirt also makes me want a functional serger (my hand me down has no cord) that much more so we'll see. I've got so many projects in the works right now as it is that its not even funny. I just keep reminding myself to take my time as I really screwed up what could have been an adorable dress yesterday bc I kept not following the directions.