Saturday, July 31, 2010

little miss thing

Emily is independent. The phrase "no I do it" has become a constant in our lives. Here she is in a beautiful dress I made her that she rarely wears bc she does not care for it and standing on the potty so she can dry her hands without help. Oh well hope she is so strong minded when boys are trying to get her to do things she isn't sure of.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Mostly just this and that this week. Emily has however decided she is into purple big time. Her purple tinkerbell backpack for preschool arrived this week and she has been trying to get me to take her ever since. I also let her pick our polish color and we both have bright purple toenails at the moment. Her's also have yellow flowers and rinestones.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy busy busy

For better or worse this summer is flying by. Here are the highlights from the photos.
Elijah had his first ever audition yesterday. It was at our studio and everyone get a part but we are hoping that he gets into the dance he liked the most.

Mitch was nice enough to give Emily the Charlie O Grill that he had decided he was too old for.

I made a muslin for myself and now need to getup the nerve to cut into the good fabric.

We had another swim meet actually 2 since I last posted.

Elijah, Emily, and Maeve got matching dino tats at dino days. Erin and I decided that it is too hot for outdoor events until further notice.

So in general time marches on.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Technically we still have one more full day of company as Neil parents decided to stay one more night. Between the two sets we have had company for almost 2 weeks strait. Don't get me started on what the house looks like at the moment. Its been fun though and I get to go to Chez Ami alone later today so life is good.

Now I bring you.

All of us having dinner together something that rarely happens. Thankfully my Dad is good at turning the charm on. Too bad he and I both saved up about 2 full hours of sarcasm that evening. Boy were we fun to watch tv with that night.

Emily had her first Town of Cary dance class this week. While I have friend who have had a positive experience ours was bad. If next week is not better we will be done. Either way I appreciate Ms April and Ms Judy at Graceful Expressions about a million times more and am so glad Emily will be back there in the fall.

Elijah got his molars sealed.

Emily stole Oma's hat and really didn't want to give it back.

Elijah's friend Maddie brought him a shards tooth necklace from the beach. He seems to have Sam's way with women but is going to need to narrow it down a bit as he gets older or boy is he going to be in trouble.

Oh and I got all my hair cut off. I love it. The pony tail is in a bag on my dresser and will either go to Locks of Love or Great Lengths depending on if its 10in. I think that it is but with everything else going on I haven't had time to deal with it just yet. I also found a stylist that I really like once she got of the initial omg she wants me to cut all her hair off.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I know I know but I remember this time.
M as in last Monday was Emily's first day of swim lessions. Better known as our last every set of mommy and me swim lessions. Don't get me wrong I love spending time with her but she seems to do better when she doesn't have mommy right there.

T we worked on our t shirts some more.

W Remember Reaper. Talk about a great show that didn't make it. Anyways we went to Monkey Joes which embodies one of my favorite Reaper bits. That is places that seem like hell on earth turns out they actually are. Let's just say I bet some little vessile were delivered there on Wednesday.

H Emily has been wearing her fluffies all over town lately. Here she is at the dance studio.

F We went to Marbles. I thought it was going to be about as much fun as monkey joes but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

S Emily found my old dress in the back of her closet and despite it still being too big simply had to wear it.

S July 4th here are Neil and the kids checking out the riding mowers at Home Depot. I made Elijah's shirt but Emily's dress is a Beca hand me down.

M isn't up yet and will have to be in the next batch.