Friday, February 13, 2009

Second Child Syndrome

As many of you know Neil and I have been joking about have second child syndrome with Emily almost since her birth. Its true that we have been way more relaxed with her since the beginning. We let climb on things, put her in the nursery, and don't bend over backwards to make her little life perfect. We have also tried to make sure she gets special things and gets her picture taken but it just dosen't happen the way it did with Elijah. She has learned how to go down slides on her tummy "Do I have any pictures?" no I keep forgetting to take the camera outside and worst of all she went to Trendy Toes to get some bigger girl shoes today and I forgot the camera. Oh well I guess it balances out as she does not have to live with crazy freaked out parents but I really need to start catching some of these photo opps. It took me two albums to scrapbook Elijah's first year and I'm sure her first year or two will fit just fine into one. Oh well.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Upon Discovering Facebook

Well I have been avoiding getting a fb account for some time now so discovering may be a strong term but I just didn't see the point. I still live close to many of the people I went to college with though not nearly all and I left High school and never really looked back. Lately though more of my friends have bugged me about joining plus I've been having a nagging desire to know what happened to a few people that I used to know and have drifted away from so I joined.

The good part is I found many though not all of the people I was wondering about and many more. I still think its a little strange though bc you just sort of pop back into these peoples lives and try to figure out who the heck they are now. Its also funny bc I've noticed that some of my friends from hs have people on their friend lists that were awful to them then. Mind you I have no idea what has transpired over the last 14 or so years but I just can't imagine even wanting to see some of these individuals online ever again. Oh well my general impression is that fb is totally weird but just a bit addictive. I'll do a real update one of these days life is marching on and all is well.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Turns out He's Worse Then Me

We went to Portrait Innovations on Saturday. We never really got Christmas pictures this year or sent out cards so I decided to do V day pictures instead. Mostly bc Emily has a super cool new pettiskirt but also bc I wanted some nice pics of the two kids together. Well really one pic of the 2 kids together. So what happened? The kids both did really well and I had Neil with me so we ended up with the special plus 4 more poses. See usually I eliminate some of the ones that I really like bc we don't need them but with the promise of going for bbq my darling husband was ready to go and decided that we should just get the ones we liked. I am pleased but I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of them so hey if you want a picture of my kids (and know of of course) let me know I've got lots. They are adorable though don't you think?