Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swap Loot

My box from the newbie swap arrived yesterday. Couldn't have picked a better day as I was having one of those awful everything I touch turns to crap days. Elijah was thrilled as he got a chef's hat and apron. I was a little bumed as he had told me he wanted one and I'd already gotten the Mod Kid little chef pattern but Oh Well bet I know what Becca is getting for her Birthday now. He also took one of the rice lizards dubbed lizardy to bed with him. I also got some cute stuff for Emily. Unfortunately the cherry skirt also makes me want a functional serger (my hand me down has no cord) that much more so we'll see. I've got so many projects in the works right now as it is that its not even funny. I just keep reminding myself to take my time as I really screwed up what could have been an adorable dress yesterday bc I kept not following the directions.

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