Saturday, April 12, 2008

My two current obsessions

So some of you may not know that my two current obsessions are sewing and babywearing. I discovered the idea of babywearing while pregnant with Emily when I saw a pic of a carrier called a mei tai that holds the baby in the exact position the Elijah wanted to be in constantly . I started sewing a bit after Emily was born when I realized that I simply couldn't afford the style of baby girl clothes that I most love and on top of that they were not even that hard of patterns.

Babywearing thus far. Well thus far I have 5 carriers I think. A moby wrap, a woven wrap, a mei tai, a sling, and Neil has an ergo so technically I have 4 two of which I don't use anyways and he has one. So really I have two a mei tai and an woven wrap which isn't two bad when you think about it. The funny thing is when I first discovered the wide world of better baby carriers I couldn't understand how people ended up with such huge stashes. I've seen posts on thebabywearer where people are selling 5 or 6. Now I'm starting to get it bc the truth of the situation is that I want more more more. Fortunately I'm too cheap to totally loose my mind but I really want a babyball meitai and a scandi mei tai for now plus I'm so intrigued by trying a pod(thanks Erin). Thankfully I started sewing again so soon I will be able to combine these two as there are several great tutorials online. Unfortunately summer is coming and as much as Emily loves to sleep in her wrap I have a feeling its just going to be too hot soon. I've nearly died and she has been super sweaty both times today. Sob I hate putting her down to cry and she is completely unwilling to go down in her crib during the day any other way.

Speaking of she's up so I guess sewing will have to wait. Maybe it can be with pics.

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