Friday, April 4, 2008

Back From Vacation

So after spending a bit of time last night as the people on the American Eagle flight everyone hated bc their tired, overstimulated, hungry baby wouldn't stop screaming and go to sleep till half way through the flight we are home from Florida. In general it was a great tiring but relaxing trip but as always filled with quirks.

Emily + Hulk
Hulk is my parents well technically my brother's but he lives with and is cared for by the parents huge German Shepard that drives everyone but Neil crazy. Emily has had almost no experience with dogs bc I am about as far from a dog person as you can get. I don't have other living things in my house that are not my dh or my children. However Emily seemed to think that Hulk was a giant free range plush toy and all she wanted to do was get big fist fulls of his fur. He was a bit less interested in this process but my Dad also not being an animal person loved this. Especially since Hulk decided he was not going near the little arm flapping thing.

The Beach
We went to the beach twice. On Tuesday my mom thought it would be too cold to to get in the water so we all wore regular clothes except for Elijah. It wasn't. It was absolutely beautiful. Like NC beaches in the early summer. Elijah was drenched within 20 minutes of exiting the car, Neil and I were soaked up past are knees, Grandpa had to role the waist of his shorts 4 times but still got the bottom edge wet, and even Grandma got the bottom edge wet. Emily did not get wet but she did put her feet in the ocean several times and loved watching the waves. She mostly hung out with Grandpa who in her opinion was wearing her new favorite chew toy on his head (his sun hat). Then we went to a nice seafood restaurant and learned that if you cut white fish into hunks and call them shark bites Elijah will eat so many of them that no one else gets more then one if their lucky.

Emily's Baptism
This actually came before the beach but whatever. It went well. She looked beautiful in her dress (How could she not). It was actually the 3rd dress I had purchased for this occasion. The first was during the end of summer clearance at PattyWacks a white bishop dress with pink flowers. It ended up being the Easter Dress bc I wanted a longer one. Then I got a vintage one of Ebay that was super long but not overly fancy. I tried it on her several times and tried very hard to like it but I just never could. The winner was found in the middle of the regular dressing at Pattywacks (I love that place) it came down to her toes white bishop smocked with flutter sleeves, seed pears, and ribbon at the bottom. Absolutely tdf. I know at the end of the day the dress is not that important but I love dressing her up. The service went well, the sermon was beautiful all about how love never dies, and my Dad was so wrapped up in the moment he messed up the Apostles Creed. He left "descended into hell" and something else. Emily is named after my Grandma Emily better known as his mother who was a truly caring and wonderful person. Someone I strive to be more like on a daily basis.

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