Monday, April 21, 2008

This and That

Really that's the best title I can come up with. I need to post more often so that I can be concise but who has time to do that when you've got your hands in a million different jars.

Lets start with Emily. She had her 6 month on Friday and is 15lbs 15oz and 27 inches long. She did well but held her breath till she was purple during her shots. That actually did bug me. I'm not a cry right along with the kid mom bc I think shots are important but I do hate it when they refuse to breath. She and I have also started going to an aqua moms class which she loves very much. She pretty well kicks and splashes herself into exhaustion which is good bc then she sleeps well. She still prefers to sleep in her baby wrap but is at the moment asleep in her crib. We are working on that some but not that much. I'm feeling very torn between wanting the time and feeling like she isn't even going to be little for much longer so who cares. Unfortunately on hotter days the baby wrap can get her really hot too. Oh and she's sitting pretty well though she had her first good head bonk on the kitchen floor last night right after I commented on how well she was doing she did a face plant on the floor. Boy are babies bendy.

Elijah is still well since he was the topic of the last post.

Now on to me. In short I'm fine. Still sewing like a crazy person with a good size project backlog but that's ok with me. Neil and I are pretty lenient with each other about our hobbies. I made myself a baby ball style mei tai and am still trying to decide if I like it. I think I'm a padded strap girl plus the all over print is a bit much. It works well though so that is good. I bought some great fabric to try for my next one but first have a little punk baby outfit to make and the final touches on a baby present. Oh yeah and I want to make little probably Alex something. Its so much fun though and I was the cool mom who had her kids in matching clothes on Sunday which is not an easy task when they are 4 years apart and different genders.

Angela and I went to see Carry Underwood and Keith Urban for our Birthdays this weekend too which was pretty fun. Neither of them are people I was desperate to see but I like some of both of their music and it was free since we were in the sas box. I do think I'm getting older though bc after a while I got really tired of the guitar runs that Keith was doing bc the high notes just hurt my ears. We also decided that What not to Wear needs to do a concert addition soon bc there were a slew of really special outfits there.

Oh and Neil and I are trying to figure out what type of tile we want for the kitchen floor. That's right our nasty, ugly , sticky linoleum is on its way out for good. We went to a tile store on Saturday and brought a few samples home. I think we have made a decision but man was it overwhelming. I also lost my cell phone while I was there. Grumble. We got my old one reactivated though so that was good at least.

Ok blah blah blah I guess that's it. Life is good.

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Chrissey said...

Don't feel too badly. I've been too old for concerts for years. ;)