Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Updates on Eljah

As most of you know Elijah turned 5 on March 17th of this year just before Neil and My's 7th wedding anniversary. I'm not sure which is harder to believer that we have been married for 7 years or that we have a child who is 5 and starts kindergarten in the fall. That said here are some bits about Elijah.

To start with he is in love with the wii and disturbingly good at wii boxing. He has thus far won every boxing match and at least 2 by knockout. I'm guessing it helps that he has the energy of a 5yo so he starts swinging and doesn't stop till after his victory dance. This is a bit problematic though as he gets closer and closer to the tv. We are handling this by putting one of Emily's baby quilts in front of him and telling him not to step on it. That and not letting him box unless one of us is in the room. Its funny when I think about it now but I really debated about letting him play duck hunter but didn't bat an eye when he wanted to play a game about beating the crap out of someone . After watching I may have made that decision differently but oh well that ship has sailed now.

Last night we had friends over including Angela and her daughter Beca who is almost 3. They play really well together which has prompted us to tell Angela Steve can call us about a dowry later. Though the truth is in a way we get one already since she in nice enough to let me go through Beca's old clothes and pick what I want for Emily every so often. Anyways the point of this ramble it really just to get to the kids say the darnedest things moment which occured when Beca was crying bc she wanted to stay and my darling son says "She can stay here and sleep in my bed with me." We all said um no for several reasons.

The last big bit of Elijah news is that he got his first skateboard today and after a bit of work seems to be getting it. He even fell pretty hard and got back up a few times. Big for him since he hates to fall down. I know it sounds weird but I would love it if he took to skateboarding (at the sk8 park of course) bc I think that would be so much cooler to watch then tball games. Plus that's the type of thing the people I liked in high school did. Well and sort of the type of thing I did but I sucked.

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