Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well this kinda Sucks.

So I went to the Dr for my did we or didn't we get your left kidney stone x-ray feeling confident since my Dr thought that it should be no problem after the huge one broke up so well. Hmmm guess I'm special again. I still have a 5mm (down from 2cm) stone so back in two months to see how it looks. Either way I'm waiting a while to get it dealt with that is unless it fall apart and comes out on its own. It could still be fractured and come out in a few weeks. Straingly enough I just can't get that worked up about this. I figure I've been dealing with all of it for about 18 months now and now that I'm not pregnant its really not all that bad. It just well sucks.

Speaking of sucking Elijah had a miserable day at camp today. Turns out this little punk (yeah I'm not biased) picked at him constantly and would stop hitting him. Even poked him in the eye once. Elijah is just not good at dealing with these things. He doesn't like to be mean to people and he really has a hard time handling it when people are mean to him. Personally I wanted to tell him that as he's a head taller he should just push the kid as hard as he can. Fear not I didn't we practiced yelling stop it in our meanest loud voices. Knowing my luck he'll only end up using it on me though.

Let me also add that Emily is now eating only people food. She is so over baby food. While this is actually a good thing its making family meal planning considerably more challanging She has also stopped sleeping in her baby bag.

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Laura said... sorry! Hang in there!