Saturday, July 26, 2008

Emily and her Dotty. I was debating this little rag doll pattern when I showed her the picture and asked if she wanted and dolly. She screamed Dotty and the pattern was purchased. I actually have a plain one waiting to be stuffed (ran out of stuffing) but had to make this little punk one two. She has black and pink hair with a pink and black skulls dress, and pig tails. Emily now sleeps with her.
Matching dragon outfits. When I got them both dressed in these Elijah asked me where my dragon outfit was.
The second 4th of July outfit. I made one but it was way to big so the morning of the 4th I made this one. Its really just a little top and bloomers but Emily likes this style now that she's crawling.
Elijah at skate camp going ramp to ramp to ramp. What that means is going back and forth on the little ramp till the board stops. He has great follow threw though. He will not get off the board till it stops. Neil took him back today and he had fun.
Peaches, nana pudding, soup, and so on. Emily is eating lots of real food these days.

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