Monday, August 4, 2008

Alone time and talking.

So this past Friday I did something so glutenous it could almost be considered dirty. Well maybe not to all but as a mama of now two small children and wife to a husband I love I spend very very little time alone. This can be especially challenging since the only part of my personality that is strongly expressed in Myers brigs is the I. This is something that I probably hadn't done int more then 2 actually almost 3 years. I went to Barnes and Noble alone and stayed for a while. That's right I sent my long suffering husband to the pool on a Friday with a 5 yo and a 9mo and went to Barnes and Noble. First I picked up a few magazines then it was back to Starbucks for a red velvet cupcake and a cappuccino (More milk of foam? Dude I have no idea usually I have to get something with whip cream so I can share.). Finished that and it was off to look at books and find I big comfy chair. I had totally forgotten that there were big chairs since I'm usually on the little wooden benches back in the kids area ready a Scooby Doo and hoping that Emily doesn't take a header off the stage while I'm attending to Elijah. I looked at cookbooks and craft books as I've been reading the same novel since before Emily was born. I'm halfway there now so maybe before she's 2 I'll finish. Then I wasn't ready to go home so I picked up a pile of trashy tabloids not people the really trashy ones and curled up in another big chair. It was great. I nearly feel asleep which I'm guessing would have been inappropriate and then it was time to go home. I did remember to get the book I was there for and Neil made it home with both of our children in the same general condition they were in when he left.

Now about the kids. Emily is talking. Not a lot but she definitely has several words. She points her little finger and says "that" at anything she wants. She says "pitty" (pretty) for pretty fabric (that's mamas girl) and clothes. She also says mama, daddy, and num num. In addition to this she loves her brother to death. If he goes in his room and closes the door she sits outside of it in the hallway and peaks under till he lets her in. Don't worry though he loves her too. He has even figured out how to pick her up under the arms/around the chest and move her about. She really likes this too and I figure she's not all that far off the ground.

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