Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My poor babies.

While lots of good stuff has also happened since last time both of my babies have also had a bit of a difficult time over the past few days.

Poor little Emily woke of Saturday morning with puke in her hair. Apparently she had puked at some point the night before and not cried about it bc we did hear from her till 7 am. She then proceeded to throw up 3 more times before the Dr decided we should put her on ped lite for the rest of the day. She could only keep ped down again the next day but started getting so mad about it we had to give her the flavored kind. She started nursing again on Monday, had a bit of actual food yesterday, and today is eating again mostly bc she is miserably hungry. She's also being super clingy again.

Poor little Elijah had to go to his first eye apointment yesterday and while the dr was used to working with kids the nurse was not. She took forever giving him his vision screening including about 10 minutes of which looks better one or two. OK I suck at which looks better and I'm an adult he's 5 lady. Then they dilated his pupils and he got to spend another 20 min with the Dr bc he needed for Elijah to hold his head perfectly still. Again he's 5. At the end of it all the Dr decided that he needs glasses to correct his stigmatism especially bc one eye is much worse then the other. Can't remember which one after all that. Elijah got to choose between the 3 pairs of boy glasses they had in his side. Totally unfair can you imagine the fit I'd pitch if I could only choose between 3 pairs. He picked a blue pair bc he said he could see the best through them. I tried to explain that it didn't matter bc they would put his lenses in them to no avail and figured he looked cute, it wasn't worth the fuss, and I wanted to go home. He's excited about getting them. I'm less then thrilled that he will be getting them during the 1st week of kindergarten bc this was the soonest appointment we could get with people who weren't even that good with children but oh well. I'll post pics when he gets them.

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