Friday, August 29, 2008

Pictures as Promised

So Here is Elijah in his new glasses. He put them on and said "Wow I have a lot of freckles". He is getting used to them but seems to be happy. We even went to Sears for prof ish photos. This is not one of them though.
Yes Emily is climbing. She's 10 months and climbing. She even stands in her little chair to get at things she's not supposed to have.
Off to Kindergarden or atleast the stagger start day. He had a great time. No I did not cry or want to. I love him more then life but we are both ready for him to be out of the house a bit more.
I just get a kick out of her in her tutu.
Oh and these are the shoes she picked out for her self at Gymboree. I picked them up she squeeled and grabbed them. Oh well they were cheap and she will keep them on her feet.

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Laura said...

Your kids are adorable!! :0)