Thursday, September 4, 2008

Its the Most Wounderful Time of the Year

That's right back to school. I know technically Elijah started last week but since he only got to go one day it just wasn't the same. He started for good in his class on Tuesday and as much as I love him it has been wonderful. Neil walks him in and I go pick him up most days. Today I walked him in then wandered over to Starbucks when I was done. I am enjoying having some time to myself when Emily naps and love hearing about his day when he gets home. Oh and FYI yesterday he informed me that he has a girlfriend Julia. God help me there may be a bit much of Sam (who is no longer listed as single on facebook) in this one. He is having so much fun though. The sad thing about all this is that poor little Emily misses him so much. She crawls around the house looking for him and goes to check in his room every time we go upstairs. I know she'll adjust but the baby girl is sad. I'll add too that my house is a total mess. I will have to start being better but this week I've really been milking the alone time and only using it to sit around or do things that I want to do. I'll have to do a bit today though bc I'm having friend over tomorrow.

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