Sunday, September 7, 2008

So Much for Perfect Attendence and other stuff

Well its official. Elijah will not be one of the kids at the in of 12th grade that gets an award for 13years of perfect attendance. Not that it was likely anyways but he has a stomach virus so even though he seems to be feeling better I will spend the night praying for no puke and he will be staying home tomorrow. I really hope he makes it back on Tuesday though. I'm getting attached to my alone time.

On some other notes. I just last week discovered that one of the girls who used to babysit me goes to my church. Its funny how age seems different as you get older. I was telling my mom how funny it was that we have kids around the same age and she just politely pointed out that when LeeAnne used to babysit me she was only in jr high and I was part way through elementary school.

If I'm being totally honest I will also say that as much as I was annoyed my having to attend the session retreat all about spirituality I have been pondering this topic a bit more lately. Mostly I think that feeling close to God is simply not that hard for me. I mean I'm lucky to have had a great religious upbringing and for as long as I can remember I've gotten the God is everywhere concept. I do feel though that sometimes God shows you exactly what you need in a given moment. So this retreat had left me feeling somehow a bit less then these individuals who want to feel close to God by studying, mediating, centering prayer and so on. I mean I pray, do yoga, and such but I really don't analyze it the way some do. Well I started reading that "Eat Pray Love" book while I was in labor with Emily, not exactly the best time to start a book but whatever I've been slogging through it even since and was part way through the pray part a few days after said retreat when I came upon this tidbit. "God isn't interested in watching you enact some performance of personality in order to comply with some crackpot notion you have about how a spiritual person looks or behaves. " She goes on from there the idea comes from some kind of yoga and they theory that God dwells in you as you. For us that's similar to we are all made in the image of God. So anyways enough preaching I really just thought it was amusing that after 10 months of sort of ready a book I would come upon page 192 at exactly the right time. There is no way to get past the Almighty's involvement there.

Gotta go dinner time

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