Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome Fall

Above is a picture of Emily climbing on her brother in the outfit she insisted that I get her at Target. Well technically she only insisted on the shirt which she grabbed rubbed on her faces and started screaming every time I tried to take if from her leading me to say fine is 6 bucks you can have it. She is also climbing on her brother. I asked her to stop but he said he did not mind so oh well.
Here is picture prof that I due sew for the boy from time to time. He is more challenging. He's bigger, he actually cares if he looks silly, and he won't wear things he deems girly. This shirt says I swim and has a black band on it. Black bands are actually black and white. He likes it bc the black part is fleece so its soft and snugly. He also calls it his zebra hoodie.
Here is Emily in a sort of fall outfit going for a walk with all of us. I've been loving the hint of fall in the air though its lead to a bit of a shopping spree. The kids both need some fall/winter clothes to complete outfits for Emily and bc Elijah had grown a good bit taller though still no wider.
Here is my darly son doing his homework. That's right Kinder garden has homework. He is doing quite well though and we have gotten into an after school grove so getting it done isn't so bad.
Finally, Emily with her boppy. For some reason she and Elijah have both become obsessed with the pink fuzzy boppy that has be sitting in the corner of the living room since she was about 4 months old. She likes to flop around with it and he likes to whine that she isn't sharing then lay on top of her causing her to cry bc well he weights more then twice as much as he does so it hurts.

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