Sunday, September 28, 2008

homemade poptarts and other stuff

I've been trying to go a whole month without buying any fabric. I know this doesn't sound hard to some of you but to me its near impossible. I love the look of cords with patchy side panels but I have almost no corduroy so there are what I came up with for Elijah out of my stash. They are black denim with a patch of just about every fabric I've made him something from. I added elastic to the waist and trimmed the strings after I took the picture.
I know making pop tarts sounds like a weird thing but I really want to become a better baker. Not baking like following package directions but from scratch and I found this little pop tart recipe and had to try. It was actually quite fun and thanks to Alton Brown's advice regarding making pie crust in the food processor super easy.
Emily and Elijah both helped in their own ways. As I'm sure you can tell one was much more helpful then the other.
Elijah picked pink for the frosting bc it is my favorite. He can be such a sweetie. And as you can see the results were yummy.

Um great I'm so not ready for walking. She's still holding on though thankfully. Oh and don't you just love her baby jeans. They are not her very first pair but the first cool hippy jeans for certain. They are even bell bottoms.

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