Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lots of Titles

I know I haven't actually blogged in a while I keep coming up with great titles for little bits of my life but not writing and then I come up with other things that go with different titles and well you get the idea. Anyways I figured I'd just do some little bits tonight. Neil hasn't uploaded pictures in a while so none of those tonight.

Great He Has Type: Yes I mean Elijah my 5yo. Apparently he has a thing for short girls with long curly redish hair. His best little friend in school Julie looks like she could be sisters with his best little mygym girl Delanie. Truth be told though he also just has a thing for girls. We are not sure where he gets it from but think he may be channeling Sam.

I Can Think of a Word that Ryhmes With Truck: Yeah they do ryhming words in Kindergarden leaving me to quiver when he tells me he's come up with certain pairs. Fortunatly so far as blue as its gotten is bed and dead. He also came out on Johonny Appleseed day wearing a paper pot on his head. Me, "Elijah whats on your head", Elijah "Its a pot", Me laughing and not saying "Oh so your a pothead then."

Going over to the Stinky Side: I've actually been meaning to do this one for a while since many of you thought I'd fallen all the way off my rocker while growing a second head when we started washing our own diapes. If your woudnering we actually wash our own wipes as well. That said its hasn't been without some bumps in the road but it really isn't too bad. Used cloth diapers smell way better then used sposies bc they don't have all the chemical and fragrences plus we have something to spray the poop into the toilet so we don't have a poop filled diaper geny sitting around. Washing took some figureing but again not really too bad. I also think it helps that I've already potty trained a child bc you just have to get comfortable with poop doing that. I think we are definatly saving money too. I've gotten some nicer diapers and they really are worth the extra money but even still I nearly passed out when I bought the last pack of sposies (we use them a night) at BJs.

Well I had one other in mind but I think I'll do it another time. Emily is also doing well and waves at everyone when we pick up her big B at school. I'm also well. Generally I feel so much stronger since I had Emily not sure quite what happened there I think I'm just pushing myself more but I'll debate that later as well.

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