Friday, October 17, 2008

Shameless brag about my kids.

Ok if your still reading you've been warned so no complaining. Both my kids had really good days though. Emily's didn't start out super well since she had to go to her 12month check up (19lbslloz 29.5in) but she figured out light switches today. Thankfully she can't reach them and has to really focus to do it but she figured at that I was using that little switch to turn the lights off and on and had to try it herself. Elijah got moved up a reading group and the principal gave him a special good behavior card in the cafeteria entitling him to a prize on Monday. Oh and then he and I went to Chocolate Bean to celebrate that and his getting a flu shot without throwing a fit (a big victory in its own right) and he was so well behaved and fun to be around. It was nice to get out with just him. Ok I'm done now. My kids ROCK!

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little dresses said...

It's PERFECTLY fine to brag about your kids anywhere you like! And from what I've read...Good job mama!