Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bug Fest

Ok so I'm going to get back and do an actual update on the general goings on but today we wen to bugfest at the science museum with some of our friends and their kids. It was super croweded but we all had a blast. We even ate some bugs though somehow that was not captured on film. Elijah had several hushgrubbies (fried grubs in hushpuppies) I tried several things but couldn't get past the fact that they were well bugs and my friend Lori was so repulesed (her word not mine) by the first dish antchalatas that she could not bring herself to eat anything and informed her dh that he needed to brush his teeth before kissing her. Interestingly enough the kids had the best time after all the fest stuff when we fled down a side street bc of a loud speaker and ended up sitting outside where there were lots of steps and railings beside a wildflower garden where they could climb and slide down. Funny how thats how it usually works out with kids. You can plan big adventures but its the little moments that just happen that they enjoy the most.

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