Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ok Seriously

Here's a picture of Elijah working on his laptop. Well technically I think its one of Neils laptops but Elijah logs him out and then himself in so that he can use it and it lives in the baby free zone in our living room. The baby free zone is the area behind our couch that is blocked off by a baby gate. Poor little Emily was standing on the otherside chewing on it today. Its really funny. My child who won't color, I don't mean doesn't like to I mean won't color, loves to use tux paint on the computer, makes elaborate pictures, and prints them out himself. Oh and then earlier today he somehow learned to surf the internet. He was super pleased with himself for finding an olympic web site, a country music site, and a video game site. Neil is installing some childproofing softwhere as I type so I'll let you know how long it takes for him to figure that out.

Funny realization today. I was talking on the phone and told Angela I feel like I've been busy but don't seem to be getting anything done. Well during our phone conversation all of the following happened.
  • Emily woke up from her nap and Neil brought her down
  • Elijah layed down putting all his body weight on her causing her to scream
  • Elijah got mad at me for yelling at him to get off his sister and went somewhere
  • Emily decided she was hungery and wanted to nurse
  • Emily crawled into the kitchen and tried to eat the plastic straw wrapper that Elijah had dropped on the floor.
  • Elijah insisted that there was nothing in her mouth till I fished it out
  • Elijah then got mad and went outside in the rain
  • Emily and I went on the porch to check on Elijah only to discover that he had his marble trackout um great brittle plastic and marbles
  • Emily found Elijah's marbles which he "hide" under one of her favorite toys
Angela decided I had my hands full and that she needed to get back to what she was doing anyways.

Oh and possibly least I figured out why people sew their children jamies. I love trying to make things for the kids but when I started going to sewingmamas I didn't understand why you would bother to make jamies. Fastforward to me buying too much knit fabric and wanting to play around with a few patterns and Emily suddenly deciding she didn't like her sleep sacks and this is what you get. Ok the picture at the top is what you get bc blogger won't let me move it. They were fun though and I enjoyed the who cares if they aren't perfect they're just jamies aspect.

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