Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well we certainly had a busy week or so though as you can see from the pictures the big news here is that Emily got glasses. She picked them her self, they are Lilly Pulitzer, and was quite insistant. Once she tried the ones she pick she wouldn't even try another pair. She is enjoying being able to see better and has become quite observant.

In other news Elijah is going t be the star student next month meaning his bio is featured on the bathroom door in his villa (trailer). So among other things we had to get a good head shot of him.

Emily had her last swim lesson on Saturday. She learned a lot though I wish we didn't always seem to end up with a kid or two who doesn't want to be there. After all they are 3 or 4 I do think learning to swim in manditory but not at that age.

Emily also had to get a splinter removed by the ped last week so by this Monday when I wanted to get her flu misted she through a royal fit. Apparently you she can only take so much and that was going too far.

Oh and last but not least Neil turned 36 on Sunday I do enjoy the time of year when he's 3 years older then me.

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