Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Pictures

From the top we have Elijah modeling his new Scooby Doo pants. No not pj bottoms pants complete with pockets. See I got this great Oliver +S Sandbox pants pattern for Christmas and made them out of a gray and black super soft hounds tooth check fabric from my stash and he informed me that he hated them. Didn't like the fabric bc it didn't have pictures. Um OK son but most pants don't have pictures. Oh well I think he looks a little like we all did in the late 80's.

Next we have an outfit for Emily out of the Ottobre that I got for Christmas. I was super excited bc I saw this outfit in the magazine in blue with little white dots and remembered that I had this fabric from the Chez Ame sale. The zipper is a little off but it was much better then they usually are and I used my new walking foot for it and boy does that make working with knits easier. At least once we got it on right. For some reason the people at Kenmore don't believe in including directions with their products or even a good picture of what it should look like installed.

Lastly one more of Emily in the dress that Angela got her for Christmas with her fluffy that she insists on wearing whenever possible. We've worn it with most of our outfits including over a blanket sleeper. She's also started trying to walk more but I haven't gotten any pictures yet.

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