Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Really Mommy Everyone Needs a Personal Seamstress

Here are pictures of two dresses I've made for Emily lately. The patterns are Feliz and Miss. Madeline but of which I really like and already have plans to make again. Emily has learned the word dress and yells dress dress dress every time she sees one. Amusingly enough in some of these pictures she looks like an anoyed teenager to me. I guess we're in trouble as the years go by but mostly she just dosen't like to sit still. Oh and the madeline pattern was created by the mama who's blog in thehandmadedress linked on the right if anyone needs to find it.

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little dresses said...

Oh! It turned out so cute! I love it! You should definitely add it to the flicker group. Emily is just precious. What a little sweetie.