Friday, January 9, 2009

Something new and something old.

When I had my second child everyone told me that I wouldn't take as many pictures of her as I did of Elijah. Donna told me that her mom had almost no baby pictures of her the 4th child. I of course vowed that I wouldn't do that. In some ways I have succeeded. We take her to get pictures regularly, Angela took pictures of her Birthday, and all the big events are well documented. However, I have not taken nearly as many day to day life pictures. With Elijah if he did something new I grabbed the camera. It was almost instinctive. I also ended up throwing away lots and lots of pictures while I scrap booked his early years. With Emily I notice she's doing something and think "Oh that's cute" but don't take pictures. So here she is putting the shapes into her shape blocks. These were Elijah's first but he doesn't do puzzles so I'm pretty sure he was too old for it to be cute by the time he was putting them together but she loves them.

As for something old I'm officially celebrating the return of my real non nursing bras today. Technically Emily still nurses at 5ish every morning but I realized yesterday amongst complaining about the way my poor boobs drooped in the nursing bras that there is really no longer a need to wear them as she takes a sippy all days. This means that today I wore a body by Victoria that actually hoists the girls up to well maybe not were God intended them to be but at least where he originally put them before my two children destroyed them.

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chrissey said...

I am so jealous. I am so thankful to be able to nurse Alex, but I do look forward to a day in the future when my breasts will one day rise to their former glory. Also it would be nice if they were perhaps a wee bit smaller too... /falls over