Friday, November 20, 2009

Letters to Santa

Angela did this on her blog and I decided to do it on mine as well. As we all know too well Christmas is coming and we all have huge piles of stuff in our house that we don't really use so I'm going to put some Christmas wish lists up. Honestly our family is very blessed and we don't need anything but for those who we do exchange gifts with I'd so much rather you know what we want.

Baby accessories: She has a baby and is getting a waldorf doll so she doesn't need dolls but 12 to 14 in doll clothes, carriers, and such she would love. I think we will get her a doll bed and stroller unless someone just wants to get her that.

Cooking stuff: I've made play food but she loves the stuff and I do not love making it. She likes to play in her little kitchen so anything for that would be loved.

Groovy girl stuff: We got one for Birthday and love her. She's getting a groovy bed but would love more clothes or accessories.
She so does not need clothes.

Art stuff: She likes all this stuff

Leapster games: he found the leapster but really needs some older kid games.
Cool art kits: I'm going to get him some more basic supplies but he gets a kick out of all those kit things like the 3d color wounder one.
Wii games
Anything Super Mario brothers
Elijah is starting to ourgrow is size 8 clothes. he wears a 10 slim but probably wouldn't be excited by clothes.
Toy's for creative play.

Me. I think I'm easy I have an amazon wish list, I love almost all sewing books, patterns, and supplies. I'd espically like the Martha Pullen heirloom sewing for children book. 2 yard cuts of a fabric you think I would have fun with or a knit you think I would look good in would be great. I also really enjoy magazine subscriptions and itunes gift cards. I'll share too that I do not like candles. I have two kids who are always into everything and I will not use them.


Sabrina @ my little slice of pie said...

Great idea! I've finally gotten my mom to just send $ or gift cards and I can get the kids what they really want or need. It's been much nicer.

Angela said...

Copy cat. ;-P