Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is PInk the New Black?

Emily found this shirt hanging in her closet and fell in love with it bc it is pink and has a horsie on it. The shirt is a hand me down from Beca as are the boots. The first time she wore the shirt she wore it with jeans but I decided if it was going to become a favorite it needed a cute little skirt to go with it. My first thought was cord pleated skirt but I would have had to buy fabric. Then I remembered seeing a tutorial actually several tutorials for this style and realized that I had black fabric that I bought this summer for a project that never got started and hot pink crinoline that attacked me from the sale bin at some point. It was quite easy to make and she squealed when she saw it though I must say I can't tell if its the outfit or the haircut but I'm not sure I like how grown up she looks.

Here is the tute


Laura said...

love it!

Angela said...

Love your punk rock girl!!

Erin said...

She looks like a tiny, blonde Joan Jett!