Thursday, December 24, 2009

matchy matchy

I ordered camo "bugger monster" fabric earlier this year showed it to Elijah and he promptly informed me that he hated it and preferred his shirt from last year. Fine, I made his best friend Mitch a shirt out of it for Christmas. Then when I showed the shirt to Elijah he wanted it. Thankfully I had enough to make him on as well so they could be twins. Emily wanted to play too so she wore her "bugger dress" from last year that almost matches but not quite.

I got myself several Jalie patterns from a co op a few months back. I really like them bc they have great directions and are nicer styles then I've found lots of places. The other neat thing is they are on one sheet from a toddler size 2 to a women's 22. Thankfully we do not need the full range there but I bought 2 yards of fabric for myself only to realize that I only take 1.5 yards these days so that left just enough to make a shirt for Emily as well. Neil doesn't love hers bc it makes her look grown up. He's right it is a more adult style but she loves it and I think she looks adorable.


Donna said...

Mitch loves his shirt and really loved being twins with Elijah. We enjoyed our day with you guys!

Angela said...

I love the mommy and me shirts - so cute!! And Elijah and Mitch look great!