Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wow My Very Own Blog

Wow, its my very own blog isn't this just super exciting! Not really but I figured I needed to jump into the new mileneum and get started. So lets see here. Both my kids are growing like weeds which has lead to some interesting parenting misshaps as of late. The worst of which involving Elijah and his shoes. So here's what happened.

A few weeks ago now we are all upstairs listening to night night stories and Elijah says "I have a bobo on my foot that I need to figure out how I got." Now this usually means I have some tiny little scrach somewhere that I'm going to make a big production of so that I can stay up for 10 more minutes so I said "Ok let me see" expecting nothing. Hmmm well instead it was a huge blood blister callus thing from his shoes. He insisted it didn't hurt while he was getting it though I don't see how that is possible but oh well we went to Stride Rite after school the next day to discover that he now wears a 1 1/2 so he had grown 1 1/2 shoes sizes in about 3 months. Man. At least its almost summer so he will be able to live in shorts a crocs once he finishes skateboarding camp (unless he loves it).

Now for Emily. She's mostly too busy for her own good and obsessed with food of any kind though she will not even be starting rice cereal till tomorrow. Other then that she is in the almost stage for most things. She is almost sitting, sometimes rolling, almost sleeping through the night, and almost out of her 3-6month clothes.

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