Tuesday, March 10, 2009

talking talking talking

Technically Emily has been talking for a good while but the past few weeks she has really had a language explosion. In addition to Mama, Daddy, Elahah, dat, and bup all of which she has been saying for sometime, bc lets face if it you can point and yell dat who really needs other words, she has added a number of new words and phrases most spoken in a sweet quiet tone. I'm not used ot quite since Elijah did not come with volume control. Emily on the other hand seems to like to get her feel for words first. She also seems to get inflection a bit. I'm still not totally sure the boy gets that but according to Edla its a boy/girl brain chemestry thing so I guess its fine. She now referes to herself as "baby" and points to things she wants and asks "baby's?". She can also say happy and will loudly inform you that "baby happy" when you try to move her away from something. She also chants "happy, happy, happy, baby". In addition our growth spurt has brought some food words. Specifically apple, more milk, and bubey (blue berries). Plus the terms yummy and yuck. Oh and a definate Mommy followed by yelling mommy mommy mommy if she isn't imedatly rescued from wherever she is.

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