Monday, April 19, 2010

busy spring days

Where to begin?

Our new couch is here. You can see a picture of Emily sitting on it right after it came with her feet on the new ottoman. We are thrilled with both. I had no idea how crazy our lack of seating was really making me. On that same note we spent a good bit of the weekend furnature shopping for Elijah's room before deciding to order sight unseen from pottery barn kids. I hope that it arives quickly as Emily has been climbing into her crib lately.

Thursday the kids and I walked to the park and they got icecream from the ice cream truck. The other mom's were giving me dirty looks as I let Emily run around barefoot and let both kids get ice cream scandiously close to dinner time.

I've been enjoying getting to know my new machine and have quite the pile of projects that I want to work on. I'll be posting them on my sewing blog as I get them finished.

Emily has been playing with Elijah's kid tough camera lately but she mostly gets closeups of her face.

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