Monday, August 9, 2010

flipping flicker

This extended break was brought to you by flicker as they felt the need to change their setup making it harder or at least different to post pictures. Here are some highlights.

Summer swim season is over again. Elijah did well. He even won breast stroke at one meet. Oh and the Cary Y totally kicked butt and won the YMCA Triangle Area again this year.

I got myself a batbelt for running which Neil found so funny he needed to take a picture.

I finished Emily's purple back to school dress and her tinkerbell outfit. She is mad that she can't wear them yet.

Our kids passport paperwork has been turned in and no we are not going out of the country.

I've become obsesed with a pattern that is now out of print. The blue dresses is my first attempt and drafiting it. There will definatly be a second muslin but I'm pleased.

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