Friday, December 3, 2010

sewing and glasses

Neil got new glasses. He was due for new ones anyways but about a week ago he picked his up after a shower and the bridge snapped. He decided to try sturdier frames like Elijah and I this time.

I got Emily's Minnie dress and bathrobe finished. The little bugger won't wear the robe and isn't allowed to wear the dress till Disney. Its a little big but will have a shirt under it so should be fine and fit for a while.

A Christmas preview for Angela.

I took Emily to JoAnns with me this week. She asked me to make her a "tangleded" dress. Really how do you say no to a 3 year old holding a bolt of satin as big as they are. Plus I really liked the dress in the movie and sometimes is fun to be really creative. Hopefully I'll finish it tonight. I think she's going to wear it when we eat in the castle.

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