Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Favorites

Elijah and Emily sledding after Christmas. I love the look of pure joy on their faces.

This was the best/only pic of the two of them decorating the tree. There is something so fitting about it though. If I did Christmas cards which I don't if your wondering why you didn't get one this would have been the picture.

Emily drinking her hot coco. I just find it too funny that both my kids have Starbucks orders. Well except that now it takes more money then ever to go there.
The kids watching tv together. I remember thinking they were both so cute and quiet in this picture.

This one just makes me smile. As he's getting older its hard to catch him not paying attention.

While I'm sure I missed a few days I enjoyed this year a lot. I like how many random pictures I have of the family though it did make the photo books more expensive and I haven't even begun on the one for us yet. I learned how to use photo editing tools on flicker so I was able to make many pictures look better. I also never went 2 months without picking up the camera. I'm not trying for every day in 2011 I am going to do my best to do at least weekly updates with pictures and such. I'm also going to start a dedicated sewing blog I think here on blogger to do pattern reviews, sew alongs, and work on my sewing goals. I'll post it here when I get going though I'm not entirely sure any of you will want to come see it. I just would like for it to be separate as I know my friends and family really enjoy this format and I think it would get weird if they were all mixed together.

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